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Meconopsis - Himalayan Blue Poppies

This genus contains many exquisitely beautiful flowering plants that have a reputation of being hard to grow. Actually, they are quite easy to grow in the right conditions. They do well mounded in moderately rich, peaty, well drained soil in shade to semi-shade. Do not allow to bloom the first year as this usually makes them an annual instead of a perennial.

Meconopsis - Himalayan Blue Poppies



We have a good supply at the nursery for on site sales now or for mail order when they are dormant in the Fall.

Meconopsis X Shelldonii.(lingholm)................................ 1gal $16.99ea
Ht. 100-120cm.  Z6.  An excellent hybrid between M.grandis and M.betonicifolia.  Clear blue flowers it is fertile so it could be called Meconopsis. 'Lingholm'.   This is the easiest to grow himalayan Blue Poppy.  Outstanding. Feed them often.


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