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  A wonderful group of bulbs.  We have a lot more on our fall bulb list.  All are best shipped in fall when dormant but if you order early we can ship the following this spring. The Fritillaria are also known as Northern Rice Root, Chocolate Lily, Checkered Lily, Guinea hen flower, Snakes Head and Fritillary.


Please see the Fall bulb list for the most complete selection of Fritillaria's

Fritillaria camschatcensis Northern Rice root , Chocolate Lily........ $12.99ea
Native.  Ht. 35-60cm.  Z5.   Edible 2.5cm bulbs resemble clusters of rice grains.  Bell shaped bronze-purple -black lightly mottled flowers appear in May to June.  Whorled, lance-shaped leaves.  Prefers shade to semi-shade in humus-rich soil.

Fritillaria camschatcensis flavescens ............ 11cm pot $18.99ea
Native.  Ht. 35-60cm.  Z5.    A rare yellow form of the species.

Fritillaria lanceolata  Chocolate Lily ............. 11cm pot $12.99ea
Native.  Ht. 60-75cm.  Z5.  Bulb similar to F.camschatcensis.  Bowl-shaped, brownish-purple flowers are mottled with greenish yellow.Whorled lance-shaped leaves.  Shade to semi-shade

Fritillaria pudica Yellow Frittillary ............. 10cm pot $12.99ea
Native.  Ht. 10-20.  Z2.  One lovely little yellow bell is produced on a 10-20cm stalk.


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